These 10 Hidden Gmail Productivity Hacks Will Give You Goosebumps

For many, Gmail is their preferred email service. But, even when you get to use your favored provider, that doesn’t necessarily make managing email fun.

Sorting through inboxes, replying to messages, and creating new communications can get tedious, especially if you deal with hundreds of emails a day.

If you find your eyes glazing over when you look at the pile of messages, you’re not alone.

Luckily, like a majestic unicorn hiding at the edge of the woods, there are Gmail secrets to be had that can completely change your world.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, here are 10 Hidden Gmail productivity hacks that will make you feel like a rock star.

At some point, everyone sends an email they wish they hadn’t. Maybe you accidentally tapped send in the middle of the message, leaving part of the story untold. Or possibly (no judgment here) you wrote something that was a bit uncouth, and you’d like to get it back before the recipient sees.

Luckily, Gmail has your back. There’s an Undo Send option that can stop a message from hitting the other person’s inbox, if you take action within the designated time window.

You do have to turn on the feature before you can use it, so stop what you are doing and jump on it.

To learn more about the feature, check this out: Undo Send

Everyone loves a great shortcut! They can be excellent time savers, helping you get more work done in a shorter period of time.

But, sometimes, your application of choice doesn’t have a preset shortcut for your favorite actions, and Gmail’s no exception. But, the brains behind the service have your needs in mind, because they added a way for you to create custom shortcuts inside Gmail. Now, the power to work more efficiently is in your hands.

Just go to Settings > Labs > Custom Keyboard Shortcuts to get started.

Some people are surprised when they discover that your Gmail address can actually function as multiple emails, all directed to the same inbox.

Gmail allows you to create aliases that can help you sort your messages as soon as they arrive.

For example, if your name was John Doe, and your primary email address is, you can create aliases using the plus sign and keyword to help you direct messages into specific folders. For example, can be an alias that redirects into a different folder, separating your work-related messages from the rest.

Other handy aliases could use “+newsletters” or “+shop” to separately out newsletters and shopping activities, respectively, into their own folders by using a filter.

You can learn more here: Aliases and Filtering

If you find yourself typing certain replies or phrases over and over, then you would benefit from Gmail’s Canned Responses feature.

This lets you create saved responses that you can later access, keeping you from having to retype the text.

See how it’s done here: Canned Responses

Sometimes, emails require actions. When that happens, it’s nice to have a convenient way to connect the message to a to-do list.

Gmail lets you do just that by associating an email with a Google Task activity, creating a convenient list that sits at the bottom of your screen.

Learn more about the tasks feature and how to connect messages to your to-do list here: Google Tasks

Most people aren’t running around with only one email account. Normally, you’ll have at least two, one personal and one professional, though some people have many more.

Gmail gives you a way to redirect all of your email into a single window, letting you monitor everything from one place. Plus, you can respond using any of your email addresses, ensuring your communications always stay separate even when together.

Learn how to add accounts here: Add Another Email

For certain business communications, having the right name associated with an email makes all of the difference. But, that doesn’t mean you want (or have) to handle the workload entirely by yourself.

Gmail understood this point and created a mechanism to grant access to your email to others, like employees, so they can handle messages in your name. And, best of all, they don’t need your password to do it.

See how you can add (and remove) delegates here: Mail Delegation

Most people keep an eye on the inbox by looking at the browser tab for signs of new messages. However, if you have a lot of tabs open, that valuable information gets squeezed away.

Luckily, there is a way to change the location of that notification on the tab, making it visible even with a dozen or more tabs open.

Learn how to enable this feature here: Unread Messages Icon

When you copy and paste content in Gmail, the formatting typically comes with it. In some cases, that’s fine. But, in others, it creates an unattractive mess (which isn’t what you want for business communications).

To help avoid this issue, Gmail has a button on the formatting bar that automatically translates everything into plain text. It’s located on the far right and resembles an underlined uppercase T with a lowercase x next to it on the lower right.

If you regularly send messages to the same group of people, creating a contact group can be much more efficient than adding their addresses on at a time.

During the process, you’ll assign the group a name and, when you write it into the “To” field, Gmail sends the message to everyone in the group.

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Spirit Bomb High DPS Guide for Vengeance Demon Hunter Tanks

Today I would like to talk about a talent build for Vengeance Demon Hunter that does not get enough credit in the popular guides and forum threads at the moment — the Spirit Bomb DPS build.

For this build, you will be casting Spirit Bomb whenever there is a soul fragment around. Spirit Bomb is a level 108 talent choice which launches a nearby Soul Fragments at your target, dealing Fire damage to all nearby enemies and afflicting them with Frailty for 20 seconds. We will not concern ourselves too much with the Frailty debuff as it is constantly applied to our targets through our Spirit Bomb spam. The Fire damage, on the other hand, is what makes this build great for high Mythic keystone dungeons as we get to self-heal from all Fire damage dealt.


  • High consistent damage and self-healing which scale with more targets
  • Amazing for Skittish affix when AOE threat is a major issue
  • Highly engaging rotation akin to playing a DPS
  • Does not require any specific Legendary gear to play well


  • Weak against large Magic damage spikes, especially from certain bosses during Tyrannical affix
  • Highly engaging rotation akin to playing a DPS


Level 99: Abyssal Strike reduces the cooldown of Infernal Strike by 40%, from 20 seconds to 12 seconds. When paired with the level 102 talent Flame Crash, it is the best talent for sustained AOE by increasing the uptime of your Sigil of Flame on your targets.

Level 100: Fallout makes it such that the initial burst of Immolation Aura has a high chance of shattering soul fragments from your targets. One common mistake is to use Immolation Aura early before moving into melee range of new group of targets. Doing so renders this talent useless and limits the potential of the Spirit Bomb talent build. Watch when you use it!

Level 102: Flame Crash does not directly affect the generation of soul fragments but as mentioned above, the synergy with Abyssal Strike is amazing for sustained AOE.

Level 104: Soul Rending is picked for emergency self-healing when you are in Metamorphosis. It is also one of the few counters to Necrotic affix since Leech ignores any healing reduction. Feed the Demon is useless for this build as using soul fragments to cast Spirit Bomb does not count as consumption. Although Fracture does help to create more soul fragments, it is not recommended as it does not fit well into the rotation due to few empty globals. You are also better off dumping your Pain resource into Demon Spikes and Soul Cleave, especially if you have the 4 piece Tier 19 set bonus.

Level 106: Sigil of Chains is an amazing tool for multiple scenarios. Its ability to pull a large group of enemies into one spot ensures that your Spirit Bomb hits all of them and helps your group to AOE them more efficiently. In the event that you need to kite, it also slows the movement speed of affected targets by 70% for 6 seconds which makes for a very powerful snare.

Level 108: Spirit Bomb has seen many buffs, with its damage increased from 150% to 252% of your attack power in patch 7.1 and a change from Shadow to Fire damage in patch 7.2. The latest change synergize well with our Charred Warblades artifact trait, as 15% of all Fire damage dealt turns into self-healing. While many prefers Fel Devastation as a form of burst healing / damage, Spirit Bomb still comes out on top for overall damage and healing done over the course of a dungeon.

Level 110: Last Resort has its cooldown increased from 3 minutes to 8 minutes in patch 7.1.5 but it is still a very powerful survivability cooldown. With the buff to our other defensive traits, we no longer need to rely on Last Resort as frequent but only turn to it when we truly need it. Soul Barrier will never be picked as we will be channelling all soul fragments into Spirit Bomb. This makes Demonic Infusion the only alternative, only if you have not acquired your T19 4 piece.

Rotation/Priority List

  1. Leap into a fight with Infernal Strike. This activates a Sigil of Flame through your Flame Crash talent.
  2. Use Immolation Aura to immediately generate soul fragments from your Fallout talent.
  3. Cast Spirit Bomb to use up all the soul fragments.
  4. Use Soul Cleave to avoid wasting Pain and when there are zero soul fragments lying around.
  5. Use Soul Carver to generate more soul fragments which you will funnel into further Spirit Bomb casts.
  6. Use Infernal Strike or Sigil of Flame to maximize uptime of Sigil of Flame damage over time debuff on your targets.
  7. Use Shear to fill empty globals, if any.

Pain Management

Follow the general rule of getting up to 70–80 before using your abilities. As this talent build provides you with few empty globals outside the Spirit Bomb rotation, you will cap out on your Pain resource relatively quickly. To avoid wasting any Pain, you can consider the following:

  • Pause your Spirit Bomb rotation to cast Demon Spikes, but always keep one charge around when you truly need it.
  • Use Soul Cleave when there are no soul fragments lying around.


You will almost always want to equip your highest item level gear for the agility and armour. All secondary stats are quite close to one another. My personal preference for this build is as such:

  1. Critical Strike
  2. Mastery
  3. Versatility
  4. Haste

At the end of the day, playing better will always deliver better results than gearing better.

Platin, Proof-of-Location Protocol on the Blockchain

By peter S

Our daily behaviour on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops are continuously beaming up location data to a few data silos that monetize this information in ways most of us have no clue about. Think Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, map apps, modern cars, fitness apps… the list is long. On the flip side, we get some really great services like route planners or nearby restaurants in return, but all this minute-to-minute location data that tracks your movements is a bit much, agreed? Especially in countries where governments like to keep a close watch on their inhabitants, it can get really creepy. But location data can also be faked or spoofed. From fraudulent Pokemon captures in falsified locations to inflated Uber cab rides, as soon as your location becomes valuable, fraud enters the equation.

In an ideal world we, the users, should be the owner of such private data and be able to decide when and where another party should have access to our current location. This location should be verifiable true and we should be able to revoke that access after use or when we decide to do so.

Enter Platin, a new concept for a Proof-of-Location (PoL) protocol that enables the coupling and representation of geographical information within secure digital assets.

The timing is more than opportune, this would not have been possible before. Only in the last years the techologies have become available to bring this concept to reality. It requires a mature communication infrastructure, powerful smartphones with multiple mobile sensor detection, distrubuted ledger technology, game theory-based incentivization via tokens, crypto currency exchanges, artificial intelligence to monitor bad actors and privacy preserving zero knowledge proofs. Platin is throwing all this in a mix to achieve a first-in-class concept for a decentralized, securely incentivized and privacy preserving location credentials service. Read that sentence again, slowly.
 They follow W3C standards and provide API’s to Solidity GEO and other standards, promising a short learning curve for developers who want to make use of PoL in their apps. The protocol will be free and open source and is secure by design from the ground up.

The token economy

In order to make this work, there must be incentives on both sides; on the receiving end (miners) for verifying physical locations and on the other end for being sure you or a digital asset confirms its location (users).

PoL miners are rewarded with PTNX for location witnessing by smartphones, secure beacons, IoT devices or any other device that can be mapped with certainty. PTNX is a fungible utility token that is tradable on exchanges. Users or service providers that require PoL will have to pay a tiny PTNX fraction each time a location is verified. Of course it may take a while before this reaches mass adoption, but remember the simple Pokemon game that suddenly had millions running after a digital asset? Something may suddenly be the spark that sets of the fireworks. The spark for Platin may be the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo where they are planning massive location-based airdrops around the venture sites.

Block.One invested

The ICO was done during the crypto winter (Oct 2018), but still they were able to raise 1.5 M$. This did not reach the intended soft cap of 3 M$ but apparently the startteam tightened their belts and continued anyway. Fortunately, the concept of PoL is so much needed, that they recently also secured an investment from Block.One.

From the start PTNX was designed to be an ETH-20 compatible token, but with Block.One on board, a connection to EOS is now also in the planning. Eventually Platin intends to release its own blockchain (the Platin Plexus), but who knows, once the experience with EOS grows, they may abandon the idea of a separate blockchain and just continue on EOS mainnet. After all, Plexus was planned to overcome limitations of ETH-20 (speed, transaction costs), and with EOS their worries may be gone already.

Use case examples

Using PoL, many digital assets can be made “real” for a user and becomes much easier to explain or use in everyday life. All sorts of location-based services can be made more reliable while still preserving the privacy of the user. Examples are:

  • very localised airdrops to attract customers into a bricks-and-mortar shop
  • localised tour guides and tourism services
  • gaming
  • traffic control and nudging driver behaviour
  • localised humanitarian aid in disaster areas
  • supply chain monitoring
  • geo-fencing digital currencies

In contrast to a currency balance, where the history needs to be traceable all the way back to the genesis block, location claims require a much shorter life span. They are needed until validated, consumed and possibly audited, but that’s it. They are an independent attribute of the item they fix on a location. This can keep many aspects of the technology lightweight and operable from smart phones or IoT devices. I’m sure there will be other use-cases we cannot yet imagine once this concept gains more traction and the security is demonstrated.


When you go over the CV’s of the startup team, it is clear that on all aspects of this concept they have attracted top talent. Connections with reputable universities like ETH Zurich raises the trustlevel further.

White Paper

There is really much more to this story than I can tell here. For those who want to go deeper into PoL, their white paper is an interesting read that I can highly recommend. There are some very clever developments in there e.g. the mechanism to secure verification of location claims, or the Zero Knowledge design in their algorithms. A yellow paper with technical details is soon to be released. If you just want to have a quick peek, go through the website. For a hands-on feeling, a beta release of the signal harvesting app is available for android, so you can testdrive that already. The iOS version is being build but not yet available.

The grandmother test

As they explain in their whitepaper, mass adoption requires that the technology passes the grandmother test; i.e. if you can explain it to your grandmother in a way that she actually starts using it, it passes. We are all aware that most of the tech in blockchain land fails this test massively. Combining an asset with a physical location suddenly makes it a tangible asset and as accessible as a paper dollar bill. When wrapped in smooth apps so the user can remain blockchain agnostic, who knows how far this can go.


Platin website
 Platin whitepaper
 Block.One investment in Platin
 iPhone privacy on locations?

Originally published at on March 7, 2019.

Opportunity in Application Management Services Market 2019: Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services

Global Application Management Services Market valued approximately USD +9 billion in 2018 is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than +20% over the forecast period 2019–2025. The Global Application Management Services Industry has rapid growth across the world over the coming years. The major driving factor of global market are growing demand due to rise in adoption of ready-made solution, emergence of BYOD & proliferation of mobile apps demand robust mobile app management services and need to align legacy systems with the evolving business structure.

Application Management Services’ definition refers to services of enterprise application management provided by various organizations to companies that need to outsource their enterprise application management processes.

Request for sample:

Leading vendors of Application Management Services Market :-

Accenture, IBM, Infosys, TCS, Atos Origin, Bourntec Solutions, Capgemini, Cognizant, CSC, Deloitte, Fujitsu, HP, Iblesoft, Ingenuity Technologies, L&T Infotech, Logica, Tech Mahindra, NTT Data, Wipro, and Xerox.

Market Segmentation by type


· Embedded AMS

Current market trend in application management services include outsourcing activities, hosting cloud applications and mobile models. There have been remarkable technological improvements and changing business models in recent times in addition to optimization of processes that drive the deployment of these applications. Application management includes various domains such as Application outsourcing as a part of packaged and custom management, Hosted Application Management as a part of Cloud modelling, Customized application management that employ various application factory models and best practices, testing service portfolios provided by cloud providers and traditional systems.

See the complete table of contents and list of exhibits, as well as selected illustrations and example pages from this report : @

In this market study, analysts have estimated the Americas to dominate the Application Management Services Market during the forecast period. To enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage are the key contributors to the dominance of the market in the region. Application Management Services solutions such as IT outsourcing, consulting, system integration, IT support, and cloud computing are the major revenue contributors in the region. The report on the global Market, is a meticulous piece of work and is assembled by leading both primary as well as secondary research. The data included in the report has been taken by consulting high-quality references, case studies, press releases, and by taking inputs from top industry leaders.

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This Application Management Services Market research report identifies key players in the market and provides a comprehensive analysis of their key company facts, business overview, segmentation, SWOT analysis, business strategies, and key information.

Songs about Jane

Este es el ensayo mas medriocre y cutre que tal vez lean en sus vidas. Soy simplemente una chica impresionada con este disco que no dejo de escuchar hace 5 años y recien ahora en el sexto año estoy identificando que es. 
Ya todos sabemos quien es Maroon 5 y la evolucion que tuvo su musica (controversial) pero antes de la actualidad, esta banda realmente sabia hacer buena musica o un poco mas producida al menos.
Un disco de 2002 con 12 canciones una mejor que la otra. Si, son temas de pack, estrofa-estrofa-estribillo-estrofa-puente-estribillo. Pero, ¿que lo hace tan escuchable, pegadizo y genial? Bueno esa es la cuestion.
Para empezar, las letras estan en su mayoria inspirada por un amor inexitoso de Adam Levine por ende el disco ya tiene una atmosfera en la que apoyarse. Noté que en cada cancion los instrumentos acompañan la letra y la voz de Adam que nos demuestra el sentimiento que esta queriendo mostrar. Y se puede decir que es algo obvio para hacer, pero no, en este disco es diferente, pasamos por un monton de emociones de una relacion y ruptura por la que la mayoria experimentamos. Es casi empatico.
El hecho de que todos los temas tengan un puente caracteristico y los mas melancolicos un antidrop (como en She will be loved) logra que te adentres a la musica de una manera completamente atenta. 
Desde el principio del disco, la atmosfera se plantea con Harder to breathe. Una letra que cuenta el enojo despues de la ruptura.

'’Como te atreves a decir que mi comportamiento es inaceptable. Tan condescendiente inesceriamente critica. Tengo tendencia en ponerme fisico -violento-, asi que cuidado porque si pasa vas a necesitar un milagro.’'

Asi empieza, esta primera estrofa donde dice que la va a cagar a palos porque esta remil enojado (not cool but) la musica acompaña con guitarras distorsionadas, una bateria presente y dura y un bajo bien por atras que reafirma la dureza de la musica. En el puente escuchamos una especie de improvisacion de Adam con su respiracion y termina con el estribillo al palo, lo que nos deja con ganas de más. Entonces empieza This Love.
Completamente planeado, nos dejas con ganas de mas y pones el mayor single de todos los temas, el mejor tema que te asegura que sigamos escuchando el disco. Un temazo realmente. Este es el tema donde entra el piano y le agrega una epicidad singular a todo el disco. Parecida a la energia de Harder to breathe, nos demuestra enojo, pero ese enojo decepcionado de '’lo intente todo y no sirvio una mierda’’. Este termina mas tranquilo y los animos se van calmando.
Ya con una voz mas lastimosa y triste nos van presentando el resto de canciones. Pero los instrumentos no abandona su dureza, estan armonizados con el piano que nos va conduciendo emocionalmente con la letra.
Entonces escuchamos she will be loved, un tema mas tranquilo y una letra hermosa de amor total.
Tres temas despues, empieza mi tema favorito, Sunday Morning. Bateria jazzera, piano jazzero, guitarras pop y bajo funk. La voz perfecta de Adam y la mezcla perfecta de cada instrumento nos llevan por la banda sonora de un domingo.

'’Tal vez todo lo que necesito. En la oscuridad todo lo que veo es a ella. Veni a descansar tus huesos conmigo. Paseando despacio en la mañana de domingo, y nunca me quiero ir.’'

Este tema demuestra que la atmosfera que Maroon 5 puede crear es maravillosa, realmente no paso un domingo si pensar en ese tema.
Despues sigue Secret, mi otro tema favorito, aludiendo al titulo, los instrumentos suenan como misteriosos y oscuros. Aca los instrumentos ya perdieron toda la dureza con la que empieza el disco y se vuelve melódico y genial. Entonces ya va terminando, suave, con drop y melancólico. 
En terminos generales de elementos que tienen todas las canciones, los que mas me gustan son:

  • -Las guitarras, a veces distorsionadas, otras con un fx casi psicodelico o combinados y los solos de estas. 
    -El piano, siempre presente, ambientando.
    -La bateria, con el pedal en contrapunto y golpes suaves en el hi-hat (en su mayoria) y los puentes hechos con el ride. 
    -La voz de Adam Levine y los coros hechos por él.

Puedo describir el album en 3 palabras: Detalles, atmosfera emotiva y combinaciones explosivas.

En conclusion, me parece un disco que mientras mas lo escuche, mas maravillada voy a quedar. Tiene infinidad de arreglos super detallistas que logran la atmosfera y nos conducen a empatizar. 
Es un disco pop que logra que el oyente sea uno atento porque es facil de entender, tiene lo que es ideal. Musica producida, facil para el oido y a la mano del entendimiento de cualquiera. Y a mi, esto me parece increible.

La musica no necesita ser inentendible para ser buena, tiene que ser disfrutable y este disco lo es en todos sus aspectos. 
Entonces, ¿qué lo hace tan escuchable, pegadizo y genial? Pues que tiene una combinacion de sonidos perfecta, detallista y rigurosa. Es pegadizo porque las letras lo son, los sonidos son comunes pero mezclados con géneros que no son pop, entonces los convierte en algo especial. Y es genial, porque lo hicieron muy bien.

Y asi concluyo con mi ensayo de una musico amateur que entiende de ritmos y generos. Que no debe ser tomado tan enserio.

Why is Tufyfo the best Service Provider App in Kenya?

Kenya is a very progressive nation. People here use modern means and technology and are very enthusiastic when it comes to trying out various forms of technologies for all their service requirements. This provides Tufyfo an opportunity to bring an essential platform to the market to meet this need.

Tufyfo Features-

What makes tufyfo one of the best service provider apps in the market is the fact that it is loaded with practical features as experienced in the industry and it is built for the mobile device! There may be other apps that provide such services, but tufyfo is a class above the rest. It is a clean, user-friendly and available throughout the Republic for all services.

By automating and streamlining the process of procuring a service,tufyfo shows you the best service providers around you, where you can compare on one page, get to know the rates and book the best service at the click of a button at the time and place you want.

Different Services for Different Customers-

Tufyfo app is a digital butler for the people of Kenya. It is what the people of Kenya have been waiting for. The app is very easy to use and designed to meet most if not all needs.

The App is loaded with screened Service Providers. Users can be assured of receiving a booking confirmation with high-quality service providers in less than 60 seconds.

The best part about using the app is that the Users get to interact directly, in real time with the Services Providers, and there is no additional charge for using the app to hire the service providers apart from the normal payment to the Providers when work is done.

Services at your Doorstep-

Tufyfo believes in giving back to the community, and what could be better than making sure that you can give more and more people better opportunities to make more money. Tufyfo is a social and entrepreneurial miracle waiting for you to explore to the fullest.

The App is accessible on Google Play at present, people simply need to download the app and register into it with the help of an e-mail address, and phone number or any other social media login such as Facebook and Google. That’s all! Then the user can easily start hiring people as per requirement. The service provider too can simply download the app and register into it and mention all the services that they want to offer. Once completed, and approved, they are free to start accepting jobs!

Have you tried Tufyfo yet? Try it now and see for yourself how the best service provider app in Kenya works!

An Eighteen Months Journey

Disclaimer: In this post, I’m going to be brutally honest about my past by sharing the most vulnerable chapter of my life. In order to effectively pour my heart out, I’m going to use some words that I’m most comfortable with, so pardon my language.

It might be surprising, but I’ve gone through depression in the past. Not many people saw it, because I was too good at hiding it the whole time. It happened during the 1,5 years that I spent studying abroad to pursue my bachelor degree. It all started when I transferred to Queensland in mid 2016 to finish my double degree program there. As weeks went by, everything seemed amazing and fun. But as the honeymoon phase was over, life slapped you on the face and pushed you down to the pit of misery.

There were a number of factors that caused my depression: 1) being far away from my closest friends, 2) housemate problems, 3) breaking up with my-then-boyfriend, 4) Family issues, and 5) myself. It all got jumbled up together into one giant mess and lead to my “gila” phase.

Moving to a new place has introduced me to a lot of new friends. But this is the first time that I realised that I don’t connect to people easily. Its easy to talk to new friends, but its really hard to open up about myself to them and find a connection. Hence, finding a friend was hard and trying to fit in was twice harder. Being so far away from my closest friends at home had set me apart from them, not only physically but also emotionally. We stopped talking to each other over the phone or texts, and I assumed that they were busy with school. So I stopped talking to them, which made me feel lonely. I called them once or twice and heard that life has been really hard on them, thats why they couldn’t talk as frequent as before. I understood, so I failed to tell them that I was lonely. It just felt selfish to say that I’m “just feeling lonely” when my friends have bigger problems to deal with. Above that, two of my closest friend got into a fight not long after another close friend of ours died of cancer, which made talking to them became surprisingly annoying. So the distance have grown bigger and bigger between us. And I thought to myself, I’ve got a huge privilege to study overseas, I have a looot of new things to do and so many places to go to. I’m totally fine being on my own, just assume that all your closest friends are currently dealing with some shit too, just like you do. Don’t add more shit into their lives by sharing your pathetic story. I thought, I could easily shake off this loneliness & everything will be just fine.

But life has never been that simple, hey?

And then the next shit came along, in which I got into a fight with my housemates. My living condition became unbearable. I avoid coming to the shared areas, which means I only went to the kitchen & living room when she wasn’t home. And I was too proud to move out from our apartment and decided to stay. So I spent 80% of my time locking myself at my bedroom, away from other people. But that wasn’t a good solution either because I felt more alone than I was before. So I started to make myself busy with school and volunteering activities, limiting the time that I spent alone. And then, things got worse as the family issues came along. For the twenty-something years of me living here on the face of the earth, that was the first day that I heard my sister cried on the phone over the problems that we had back home, which never happened before. I felt so helpless because I didn’t know what to do. I was far away and there was nothing that I can do to help. So all I did was cried.

I’ve got to say that breaking up with my-then-boyfriend was the biggest shit there was. He was one of my best friend whom I shared everything with. And as I stopped talking to my friends, he was the only person I’ve got. I’m not saying that he was always around when I needed him, but he was there at some point. And when he wasn’t around, there goes the tears (well its not like he had to be around, its been awhile since our breakup even though we remained close after). But I hit rockbottom back then, I don’t have my best friends to share my stories with, AND I don’t have him around either. I felt so alone. But as a true Aries gal myself, I was exceptionally good at hiding my sorrows. I never had puffy eyes in the morning, I never skipped class, and I eat just fine. I could handle everything just fine,

until I didn’t.

Carrying that many problems on my shoulders and got them all bottled up inside me had slowly eaten me alive. I felt sorry about everything that happened in my life. I pitied myself. I hated the fact that I couldn’t even control the situation that I’m in. I’m so stressed out that I cried myself to sleep every night. There were times where I stayed up until 4 in the morning because I cried the whole time. I even had to put my hand around my mouth or hide at my bathroom because sometimes I cried uncontrollably at night. And as the first semester ended, my grades were falling. One of my tutor told me that I might fail her class and lose my scholarship. When everything fell apart, I thought I still got things done at school. Oh silly me. I got nothing right going on here. I was one huge mess.

And what made things worse, I kept it all of that to myself. I believe It was my mess and no one needs to know.

Months went by and thankfully I passed that class with a distinction, but it wasn’t over for me. After the sad phase was over, I became numb. And numbness has made me bitter. I became this cold-hearted ice queen who don’t give a single f — about other people’s feelings. I was mean to people and I pushed people away. And don’t get me started with boys. They couldn’t get anywhere near me because I was pulling myself out of the dating game. I was such a bitch and I hated myself. I hated myself for being so bitter to other people even though I couldn’t even help it. I hated myself to the point where I felt that I am not worthy of love or being loved. I hated myself for not being in-control. I hated myself for not being able to find someone to blame for this. Eventually, the self-hate affected me physically. I lost a lot of weight. My gastric issues had gone worse that I had to go to the school clinic 3x. I had several panic attacks at school and at home. I felt tired, suffocated, and nauseated all the time. I spent my night lying on my bathroom floor and cried. I hated the fact that I lost control over the situation. I felt so helpless and useless. I got to the point where I hated myself that I don’t even care about myself. Its not like I was suicidal or had the urge to hurt myself. But if I was drowning that time, I wouldn’t even bother to swim for air.

And one day when I lay awake on my bed at 5 in the morning because I was crying all night, I started to realise that this isn’t right. No one knows that I’ve been feeling this way because I was too good at hiding it. If I let myself feeling like this, I’d probably hurt myself. This is really really bad. I need to swallow my pride and stop denying the fact that I am not strong enough to deal with this on my own. I need to get some help.

The first thing that I could think of as the solution was by making myself closer to God. That’s what people been talking about, so that was the first solution that came across my mind. So I prayed, more often that I did before. 3 months gone by, and I got no answer. Later, I joined a Muslim society at uni to seek answers for my prayers. Yet I still got no answer. I still got those annoying panic attacks (sometimes even in the middle of a prayer) and my gastric wasn’t getting any better. I believed that God will help me, but I don’t think prayers alone would help. So I moved to another options, and started to seek for professional help.

The moment when I saw a poster of these weird-brain-mutant-thingy made me realise that I might be suffering from depression (courtesy: BeyondBlue)

I was lucky enough to be in a country with high awareness of mental health when I had my “gila” phase. I came across a poster at the back of a bathroom door at uni and it got me thinking, “maybe I am depressed?”.

And as soon as I got home, I spent the rest of my day googling about anxiety & depression, which got me more stressed out than before. From the symptoms that was written there, I was certain that I am depressed. But I always thought depression was a crazy people syndrome, and now I am crazy? oh wait, now you’re telling me to go talk to a psychologist, or should I say a complete stranger, to talk about the most private issues in my life and letting myself to be totally vulnerable to someone I have never met or known before? OH NO THANK YOU, I’LL PASS.

But I was curious and desperate for help, so I booked an appointment with a school counsellor. My university offered a free psychological support for students, so I thought why not. I got nothing to lose, I thought. But coming to the counselling room wasn’t as easy as I thought it would. I booked for a counselling appointment 3 times and I bailed at all 3 times until my name got blacklisted (they probably think I pranked them, but that was never the case tbh). Because every time I tried to walk into that office, I kept on thinking to myself “I’m not crazy and I don’t need professional help. They don’t know me and I don’t trust them, how could they possibly help me?”. And thats why I bailed.

Yes, I was too proud at first. But then the pain became unbearable again and I was crying for help. So I used an online counselling chat room to talk to someone, anyone who might listen. But because I still don’t believe in any type of psychological counselling, I only told them the gist of my problems and asked, ‘now, what should i do?’. To my surprise, they replied,

“We’re not here to tell you what to do. We’re here to help you go through it. We’re here if you need someone to talk to”.

And I lost it, I got angry. What is wrong with these people? You’re here to help, why can’t you just tell me what to do? I don’t need to talk about the agonising detail of my problems, I’m in pain and you should know. Why can’t you help me make it stop? I’m losing my mind, I’m losing myself, and you can’t even tell me what to do?

But It took me awhile to realise that this online-counsellor-lady (pardon me for assuming that its a lady) was right all along. Because talking about it did made things a little bit better, because thats how I got better.

I didn’t know what was I thinking back then, but I decided to create a private Instagram account. I thought to myself, I need a safe space to be myself, to be vulnerable, and to pour my heart out. At first, this private account of mine didn’t follow anyone, nor did I let anyone else to follow me. Little did I know, the little section to write down a photo caption was the one thing that helped me get through my dark phase. Why? because in that account, I started to write down my feelings. And putting my feeling into words, helps.Even though no one read it, I felt calmer every time I pressed those ‘post’ button. So I told some of my closest friends that I have this account and I want them to follow it, with a hope that maybe we could connect more. So I keep on writing down my feelings through photo captions and Instagram stories, pretending as if no one will see my posts, as if I got no audience. I tried to be comfortable with my vulnerability, because I couldn’t bear to hide it anymore. At first, I didn’t expect any response but to my surprise, their replies were everything that I needed.

The outpouring support that I received after posting something on Instagram stories.

It was 4:46 in the morning when I saw the notifications on my phone. I was surprised that I got so many replies for a screenshot of a hurtful texts from someone that I posted a couple of minutes before i fell asleep the night before. And I cried upon seeing those replies because that was the moment I realised that people care for me. That I’m not alone in this. And not long after, I started to receive a lot of calls from my friends. They called me when I was walking back home from uni, they called me when I was alone at my apartment, and they called me at times when I needed the most. They wanted to make sure that I’m okay, that I won’t hurt myself or even have a slightest thought of that, they keep on reminding me to be grateful and happy, and gave me the support that I never knew I needed. And I felt so much better. I don’t cry as often as I was before, I started to gain more weight, my grades were getting better, I eat better, I had a great work out routine, I don’t lose sleep anymore, and I started to focus on myself more. And I also realised something; that counsellor lady was right. My friends didn’t need tell me what to do, nor help solve my problems for me. All I need was someone to talk to and someone that I could be vulnerable with. I just spent one year looking for someone to help me, but it was just one call away after all. As simple as that.

By February 2018, 18 months after a whirlwind of struggle, I finally found peace with myself. I removed everything toxic from my life, loved myself more, I started to open myself up to other people, I became more and more grateful for the tiniest things, and I’ve never been more proud of myself. I graduated from two top universities in Indonesia and Australia with 2 bachelor degrees on my name, graduated with cum laude and was on the top 2 in my class, I didn’t have my scholarship cut off, I got a job 2 weeks after my graduation, and my new eating habit & work out routine have made my body look much better and healthier. But most importantly, I’m proud of myself for being able to get through those dark times. I’m proud that it has made me wiser and made me love myself more. And I’m profoundly grateful for it.

Its March 2019. Sometimes when I think about what happen back then, those problems seem so silly. Now I know, its okay not to be okay. Its okay not to be strong all the time. Well, a lot has changed and I also grew a lot ever since. But the love for myself never decreases, as I seek for more happiness on my next journey.

Celebrating women’s day with Lopamudra Banerjee

Q/A with the Finalist of a Gladrags Mrs. India, and now the owner of WOW fitness

Lopamudra Banerjee is a celebrated lifestyle coach and weight loss specialist and founder of WorldofWow Fitness. She is a certified personal trainer from the prestigious American Council on Exercise and holds certification in professional aerobics, kickboxing, cardio interval, steps aerobics and Kettlebell exercises. Her specialty is weight loss management and she has helped hundreds of her clients to lose the extra weight and live a fit and healthy life. Recently she has been the recipient of excellence and fitness award for the year 2018 awarded by the Karnataka women achievers Association.

What motivated you to take part in the Gladrags Mrs. India contest?

A Colleague of mine encouraged me to take part in the Gladrags Mrs. India contest, to which I did not agree initially. However what I learned about the contest that they not only look at physical fitness but also many other things like confidence, intelligence, poise, and elegance.

How was your reaction when you were chosen as a finalist for the Mrs. India contest?

I was overwhelmed! I couldn’t even believe this was happening. My whole family and friends support group was very happy, especially my husband who has always been my biggest supporter and cheerleader.

Why did you decide to get into fitness?

I decided to do the career switch when I met women from various challenging and different backgrounds at the contest. There were women who were suffering and going through a lot in their life and they were there! Those made me think about what am I doing with my life? Then after coming back, I decided to look after myself and my family and plunge into doing what I love best. hen I started focusing more on my health and fitness and started training myself in intense workout session every single day. I was felt encouraged when people in my apartment came up to me asking for nutrition and workout advice. So that is how I decided that I can actually make a career in fitness.

What are the challenges you faced in establishing your own fitness organization?

I had to quit my 9 to 5 regular job to follow my passion of fitness full time. I was facing a lot of complicated health issues like my flaring up of rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune problems. I had to manage my aspirations and worked my best every single day. I faced all the problem new entrepreneurs’ face when setting up.

Do you have any fitness goals for yourself?

My fitness goal and advice would be to accept reality and to set realistic goals. People fail to understand that they should not expect quick results after following a so-called regime for some time. So accept how you are and strive to attain the short goals so that you will be able to attain your dream goal one day.

Being a mother and owner of a fitness organization, how do you balance both?

It was not an easy task to manage both simultaneously. I had to leave my child for working at an early age and that guilt was there with me for a very long time. But I truly believe empowered women empower other women and hope I inspire my daughter to reach for the stars. My family’s constant support has been a great pillar in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Any tips for women of all ages on this women’s day?

Health is wealth. Please take care of yourself as best as you can. Don’t diet to be skinny, but follow a fitness regime to develop a strong and healthy body. Follow the 80–20 rule, eat healthy 80% of the time and the remaining 20% eat according to your wish. Also, drink lots of water to stay hydrated as it helps the whole body and also keeps the skin glowing. Most importantly, do what you love and live each day to the fullest!

Happy Women's Day

It’s A Bizarre Time To Be A Left Wing Countdown Fan

Imagine being an anti-racist campaigner who defended a UKIP member that taught his girlfriend’s dog to raise its paw at the sound of “sieg heil” and “gas the Jews.” Imagine being extremely vocal about the safety of Remain and pro-Israel MPs but implying the leader of the opposition is a Nazi, who deserved to be assaulted.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was punched by a pro-Brexit supporter outside the same Mosque where a far-right terrorist (who originally wanted to kill Corbyn) killed an innocent man in a racist attack two years ago. Now imagine that campaigner not understanding why punching an actual fascist is not the same as attacking Corbyn over Brexit. Or how the attempt to smear socialist politicians as anti-semites is whipping up hatred against the left, and one of the most consistent anti-racist MPs in parliament.

This is how far Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has come over the last 12 months. She has gaslighted the entire Labour membership, cheered on by a few key provocateurs, Tories, and hundreds of thousands of supporters. She is to nuance what transport secretary Chris Grayling is to competence. Does Riley really think retweeting screenshots of trolls and conspiracy theorists on Twitter that alleged they’re Labour members is enough to begin some sort of McCarthyite witch hunt?

Shitposting does not make you an anti-racist campaigner. The Oxford University maths graduate’s “crisis” is evidenced only by dredging examples of anti-semitism by alleged Corbyn supporters in the dregs of online activity, and demanding he answers for it. Of the 673 alleged cases, 12 party members have been expelled since last April. In a party of over half a million. While more than 400 complaints were about non-Labour members. Polls show that anti-semitic attitudes in the Labour party have actually fallen since Corbyn took over. Labour’s own inquiry found no evidence of systemic anti-semitism. The all-party House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee also found that, “there exists no reliable, empirical evidence to support the notion that there is a higher prevalence of anti-semitic attitudes within the Labour Party than any other political party.” While the Institute for Jewish Policy Research concluded, “anti-semitism is no more prevalent on the left than in the general population.”

However, there is evidence of fake Twitter accounts posing as Corbyn supporters posting anti-semitic vitriol. There is evidence of an app, developed by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry, “issuing missions” for social media users to make comments accusing Corbyn of anti-semitism. In the UK and the US there is evidence of pro-Israel groups working in coordination to run covert social media campaigns in an attempt to infiltrate pro-Israel narratives into popular social media accounts, and even “take down” British politicians.

None of this is to dismiss any abuse Riley has received or anyone else in the name of the Labour party, one anti-semite anywhere is bad enough. But when Labour members are trying to point out that anti-semitism is being weaponised by some on the right, and cheered on in the media, it’s not just some dog-whistle global Jewish conspiracy. Riley’s confirmation bias is fuelled by reporting on the subject that has been full of inaccuracies and distortions, both online and on TV, according to research by the Media Reform Coalition. Watchdog Media Lens has also documented how before Corbyn became leader there was just 18 mentions of ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ and ‘anti-semitism’ in the British press — and none of them accused him of anti-semitism.

Meanwhile, Corbyn supporting Jewish groups like Jewdas and Jewish Voice for Labour are basically ignored. And when a signed letter was published by 200 Jewish Labour party members describing Corbyn as a “crucial ally” in the fight against anti-semitism? Riley and her vigilante friends quickly dismissed them as what journalist Jonathan Cook describes as, not “the right kind of Jew.”

While some of Riley’s supporters were hoping Corbyn had been hit with a brick, she got into another spat with Guardian columnist Owen Jones. In the past the Manchester United supporter has accused him of “bullshit”, and being a “virtue signalling hypocrite”, as he tried to point out the irony of her supporters tweeting him with homophobic abuse under his criticisms of her, and Corbyn’s guilt-by-association. Are Riley’s hundreds of thousands of followers institutionally homophobic? Probably not, but her use of “virtue signalling” as a slur against someone who is regularly found at the front of anti-fascist protests is about as credible as an anti-semitic puppy. Plus, I thought that five-year-old alt-right ‘hot take’ had been left behind along with Chuka Umunna’s leadership ambitions, and Manchester United’s title credentials. And I’m sure the other 99.99% of Labour members abhor anti-semitism, and are as committed to fighting it as Eric Cantona was that time he drop kicked a Crystal Palace fan who called him “Nazi scum.”

While Corbyn has called for an arms embargo on Israel after a UN report accused Israeli soldiers of intentionally shooting children, journalists and people with disabilities, Riley has claimed that having the number 88 in your Twitter handle is a “nod to Hitler.” She’s about as politically astute as throwing a brick into a washing machine. So the Countdown star might be a “big fan” of Occam’s Razor, but she comes across more like Dunning-Kruger.

Differences Between Executive Search And Recruitment

People, in general, often confuse Executive Search with recruitment and believe them to be equivalent methods of sourcing top talent, however, this is not true. Trust us, when we say that ‘headhunting,’ ‘executive search,’ and ‘recruiting’ are three different things. These are basically common phrases often used when describing recruitment functionalities; however, their work makes them singular.

The recruitment service used by professional companies to find and hire the most suitable and relevant candidate for a job role, who may or may not be looking for a new job opportunity. Whereas, an executive search is primarily focused on boarding senior executives; like that of CXO, Senior Vice-President level. And that’s the basic difference between executive search and recruitment consultant.

The reason why executive search is the most sought after service is because the consultants are always on the lookout of top talent; people, who are happily working in a comforting workplace environment and are in no mood to switch jobs or career. These are the people, whom most companies are looking out to hire. These people work on top profiles and have standout business and product acumen, which employers believe will be an asset to their growth and development. More so, they will drive the organization to success.

Getting the right people employed is the key to any organization’s success and getting them hired with quality employers is the key to success for an executive search consultant.

When a company comes in contact with the executive search agency, they realize that their approach and process of hiring is totally different than the usual hiring process for enter-level or mid-level professionals. These people are generally fresher and experienced job seekers who are registered with several job portals and job sites and are on the lookout for new job opportunity suiting their skill-set, work location, work experience, etc. These candidates often approach recruiters and hiring managers on their own to inquire about a job post or any job vacancies.
On the other hand, professionals working at top profiles or positions are often directly approached by executive search agencies. If presented with a good opportunity they may consider moving. There is another major difference between executive search and recruitment that is the way the consultants work with the clients, executive search is very resource intensive and will give the clients a thorough understanding of exactly what they need in order to fill the role. The main task is to manage the timeline of the whole project, the type of candidates that exist and more importantly the skill-set in question. Executive search is normally engaged for senior appointments, roles that are hard to find and strategic hires.

It is sometimes next to impossible for an organization to recover from the consequences of ill-management that happens because of poor leadership. The overwhelming pressure to find, acquire and hire such senior talent who will the designated skills and experience looked-for the success of the organization is incomparable.